It is a series of graphics where an imaginary humanoid is represented in different styles and ways. Each detail in the images is created with a unique graphic solution. Graphics within graphics. There are also solutions where I used a previous painting of mine for the background. Over the past decades I have created thousands of oil paintings on canvas and wood panel. I have painted for many private clients and for galleries around the world. I have subsequently digitally enhanced the photographs of these paintings and used them in several Avatar paintings. Past and future, a meeting of two painting eras. A fusion of classic oil painting with brush and paint and modern Digital art. In many Avatar images I have incorporated Digital Avatar into my previously painted images or graphics.
I was aiming for a consistent selfie image solution, as if the Avatar was photographing itself in different situations.
I have taken a lot of photos during my travels (France, Italy, Austria, Germany, England, Mediterranean, America…) in the last decades and I used these photos later in my oil paintings. Now these paintings serve as a background for the “Tourist Avatar” series.
I have done a lot of paintings in the past, using old city and landscape photographs to paint a world of bygone times. These paintings are the background for the “Timetravel Avatar” series.
Seafaring, sailing and sea battles with many-masted sailing ships have also been the subject of many of my oil paintings. I used these paintings as a background for the “Sailor Avatar” series.
I did a lot of nude and other study graphics during and after my studies at the University of Fine Arts. I used these prints for the “Drawing Avatar” series.
I have studied and wanted to master the technique of the classical Flemish school of painting since the beginning of my career. I have tried to transfer this knowledge and approach to my digital imagery. I have tried to create a fusion of different styles and approaches – art deco, pop art, art nouveau, surreal, classical, etc. Giving myself the widest possible latitude in terms of subject matter and solutions in my work.

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