Joseph Radnai Riedlmayer

radnai riedlmayerBiography

Firstly, I had been studying at the University of Hydrometeorology in Saint Petersburg, thereafter University of Fine Arts in Budapest, where I took a degree from painter- graphic artist and teacher department. 

I have never been interested in the ismus, trends, as I am autonomous, I never wanted to be trend follower, I desired to stay myself. Painting those kinds of pictures, which I like living with as well. I believe that every painting is a self- portrait about ourselves, as the imagination – which creates these ones- does not have form, but it can become any kind of visualization, in other words it always reflects itself. I am looking for the fine, the harmony in myself and in the world as well, accepting that everything is polar, but always we choose the side. I put into my paintings my view about the world and myself and the relationship of these ones, as there is no creation without creator. 

I do not like explaining my paintings, I do not like either if they are explained by others. It can be an experience or if it can not be, then every word is unnecessaries. If they were describable I would write a book and I would not paint… 


London, Munich, Budapest, Montreal, Geneva, Bad Ischl, Monaco, Parma, Quebec.

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