About Collectios22

There are various images and designs on the site, which are artworks in their own right – NFTs and many of them are interconnected in theme and painting style, forming a series of images.
It is typical of a collector’s mindset. In the future, we would like to present works by other artists, i.e., collections. Currently, we are offering the artworks of József Radnai Riedlmayer on collections22.

These works on the site are entirely different from the works of other artists. You can see in the paintings the basis of his classical painting knowledge, which is an influence of the Flemish school he learned. Few painters today can say this about themselves, typically generating works with Photoshop automation programs. But a sense of color, proportion, and style is something only a person has, not a program.

These works are quite different from the NFTs generated en masse by programs with no artistic value. They are individually created works of art. The story of number 22 is both personal and impersonal. Radnai was born on the 22nd, and his father was born on 22.12.1922 at 22 o’clock. 

In his wider family, 22 has appeared several times as a date, while on the other hand, 22 is the strangest number in the tarot. The numeral “0” or “22” denotes the most bizarre card, the Fool. While there is an explanation for every card, the Fool is part of the cards and has no description. It is “0”. After all, it is the first card and “22” because it is the last card, but they are the same. The starting point of Infinite is also the endpoint.

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