K&K Soldier Avatars

Avatar K&K soldier – In this series, the Avatar K&K kaiserlich und königlich, imperial and royal, is the common military designation of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Unique detailed graphic solution for the metal helmet, highly materialistic and authentic. The typical costume of the period is the swept moustache and the uniform is also in the style of the period. On several NFTs, the background is a detail of JRR’s earlier oil paintings. In recent decades, he has created many oil paintings for European and American galleries and private buyers that evoke the atmosphere of the first decades of the 19th century and street life. These NFTs are a fusion of these two painterly eras, works of art created with analogue and digital techniques, presented together in one image. It is a completely new solution, something that can only be created by an artist who has hundreds of oil paintings at his disposal and who has mastered the digital technique and is able to combine them. A world first!!!!

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